By Michael:

From my very first session with Miriam over 4 years ago I knew that I was in the caring and highly trained hands of a thoughtful instructor-I was hooked! Each individualized session is guided with safety and I am always challenged. I have never felt better!

By Lisa:

I will never be able to properly thank you, express the most gratitude, for making my body belong to me. When we met I was in constant pain, and now I feel strength like I have never known. You did that for me. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

By Caroline:

Miriam's enthusiasm is infectious!  She puts me in a good mood even as she's putting me through the paces of a tough work-out.  She always tailors the exercises to my particular needs and requests.  Miriam draws from many years of training and experience and has a deep understanding of the anatomical basis of movement.  After several years of working with her, I'm noticeably stronger and no longer have issues with pain.

By Lyssa,

Pilates Redefined has helped me redefine how I do things in other areas of my life. Miriam has taught me that the essence of what are bodies need to do is align itself to its core functions. (Even a small exercise could re-align a core body function.) If we are in alignment with ourselves-(our true nature) everything else will fall into place. When I play tennis it isn’t about how many balls I hit or for how long, rather I am thinking about the quality of my connection through those strokes.